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  • That understand that the COVID 19 epidemic was actually a PLAN-demic/SCAM-demic, that the numbers don't match up.
  • 900,000 people have died from COVID 19 globally. 
  • 1,600,000 people die every year from car crashes every year globally
  • 10,000,000 people die of cancer every year globally
  • 16,000,000 people die of heart disease every year globally

If the above/below topics/issues are familiar to you, then I am interested in welcoming you to TEAM DEVIANT, please contact me at

Recommended Reading/Videos/Links

It is important to me that you know who Dr. James Giordano is


The following video is an interview with Dr. Al Emondi, from DARPA, it is also important to me that you know what the Next Generation Non-Surgical Neural Modulation Program is. This Video is restricted please click here.


Catherine Austin Fitts is the former Assistant Director of Housing and Urban Development under the George H.W. Bush administration..... (you know the former CIA director and President)

Hearing on the Coronavirus and other issues with DIA Director Avril Haynes, CIA Director William J. Burns, FBI Director Christopher Wrey, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, et al.


Wall Street for Main Street, Jason Burack and his associates great analysis do a real great job reporting on the fraud being committed in Washington D.C.


There were others who tried to warn of a currency collapse beforehand


Peter Schiff is one of my advisors, I am a huge fan. 


We are trying to sit on the House Financial Services Committee - Maxine Waters is the Chairwoman 


They are playing with your mind and my mind, Government by definition is mind control..... it is important that you know what MK Ultra is......

So much more information.... 6,500 thoughts a day... so little time.... if you have made it this far I am definitely interested in you.

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