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Dear Voter, 

My Name is James Davis, it has been my pleasure to serve the people of the now 20th Congressional District, formerly 23rd Congressional District. I have had a very fulfilling career thus far and plan to use my experience to teach and guide my constituents and listen to your concerns. The government will be of little help in the future as stagflation turns to hyperinflation in the future, you must learn how to fend for yourself in the coming tribulation we face as a species.

If you live in Kern County, chances are I worked on your records, whether your military records, marriage records, death records, birth records, property records, oil and gas leases, judgments, decrees, trust documentation, affidavits, one of the huge accomplishments of my life was to digitize everyone's records in the entire county, I started at the Kern County Recorder's Office at 18 years old. 

This is song I wrote/poem I wrote to reintroduce myself to the community I am serving. 


I warned about stagflation and a currency crisis during my 2018 Congressional campaign.


This is the M1 Money Supply year over year, from the St. Louis Federal Reserve.

US Inflation Rate Seen Rising to New 40-Year High

Annual inflation rate in the US likely accelerated to 7.9% in February of 2022, the highest since January of 1982 and core inflation is expected to rise to 6.4%, also the highest in 40 years.

United States National Debt $29,258,807,538,365.93
United States National Debt Per Person $86,653.02
United States National Debt Per Household $224,431.32
Total US Unfunded Liabilities $127,354,619,416,101.75
Social Security Unfunded Liability $16,069,803,410,419.57
Medicare Unfunded Liability $81,498,677,094,742.73
Prescription Drug Unfunded Liability $20,405,926,678,487.89
National Healthcare Unfunded Liability $9,380,212,232,451.57
Total US Unfunded Liabilities Per Person $377,174.02
Total US Unfunded Liabilities Per Household $976,880.72
United States Population 337,654,800


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