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Where do your rights come from? Government or God? 


The Great Reset is taking place.... in order to make sure that we don't end up being debt slaves for eternity it is imperative that every individual understand what it means to be sovereign. There is a virus on the loose called the government coming for your crown. DO NOT LET THIS FALSE IDOL TAKE IT FROM YOU.


  1. a supreme ruler, especially a monarch.
    "the Emperor became the first Japanese sovereign to visit Britain"
    ruler · monarch · supreme ruler · Crown · crowned head · head of state · 
  2. a former British gold coin worth one pound sterling, now only minted for commemorative purposes.
  1. possessing supreme or ultimate power.
    "in modern democracies the people's will is in theory sovereign"


  1. astronomy
    the rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars. The sun's corona is normally visible only during a total solar eclipse, when it is seen as an irregularly shaped pearly glow surrounding the darkened disk of the moon.
  2. anatomy
    a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown.
  3. botany
    the cup-shaped or trumpet-shaped outgrowth at the center of a daffodil or narcissus flower.
 By definition, every pope is the Anti-Christ and as the Anti-Christ my goals are quite simple:
  • Reset all records - fitting, since I am the guy who kept the records
  • E Pluribus Unum (The Nation's Motto) - Out of many, ONE, I am ONE you are ONE we are ONE..... United we cannot fail in Time Traveling to the FUTURE.

An entity known as "Azazel" taught the art of "make-up," which I believe this word to be polysemantic, meaning that it has multiple meanings.

  • Make-Up = Face paint, art, illustrating, fashion
  • Make-Up = Genetics, atomism, gene-editing
  • Make-Up = Forgiveness, Jesus said to forgive 7 x 70 times.... without it, none of us would be here, the average person makes, 3 to 6 mistakes per hour and commits 3 felonies a day, even if you don't mean to 

The Trump-Pence have blown, the dollar is collapsing and the answer the elites are giving seems to be absolute population control and another World War. However, I propose another alternate reality scenario. At the time of this writing, I have a copy of Asimov's Guide to the Bible (The Old Testament) by Isaac Asimov, the writer of popular science fiction books like I Robot (1954), Bicentennial Man (1976) and Azazel (1988). This book is most certainly worthy of reading. I want to compile a list of interesting links to the fallen angel known as Azazel and my decision to run as the "Antichrist", "Man of Sin", "Deviant", "The Lawless One", "The Little Horn", "The False Prophet", to time travel the planet with a Debt Jubilee and usher in the End of the Kaliyuga which is scheduled to End in 2025. Below is a few excerpts out of Asimov's Guide to the Old Testament. 


The Day of Atonement 

Leviticus is concerned with how to cancel out the consequences of sin, too, as well as uncleanness. To sin - that is, to disobey the commandments of God, as Adam and Eve did in eating the fruit of the tree (the "original sin") - involves separation from God. To cancel sin according to a prescribed ritual is to restore one's self to the presence of God. The sinner must "atone" therefore, or make "atonement."

 The High Priest (ME) can atone for the entire nation by means of appropriate rituals, and this is done on a particular day:

Leviticus 23:27..... on the tenth day of this seventh month there shall be a day of atonement.... and ye shall afflict your souls ....

"Day of atonement" is a translation of the Hebrew Yom Kippur, Yom Kippur is now the holiest day of the Jewish calendar and a strict day long fast is involved ("ye shall afflict your souls"). Nevertheless, there is no record of the holiday having been observed until post Exilic times. 


Yet if the Day of Atonement is itself a post-Exilic development, some of the rites associated with it must be old indeed As part of the ritual two goats must be selected:

Leviticus 16:8 And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats, one lot for the Lord, and the other Lot for the scapegoat.

The goat upon whom the Lord's lot fell (and here one might expect Urim and Thummim would be used) would be sacrificed to the Lord as atonement for the sins of the nation. The Other would be led off into the wilderness bearing with it all those sins, so that punishment might befall it rather than the nation of Israel and its people. Because the second goat escapes in the wilderness and is not sacrificed, the King James Version that the word has come to be ("escaped goat"). It is for this reason that the word has come to be applied to any person or object who, himself innocent, suffers vicariously for the deeds of another. 

However, the Hebrew word that is translated as "scapegoat" in the King James Version is actually Azazel. The Revised Version does not translate the word but makes the verse read: "And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats, one lot for the Lord and the other lot for Azazel." 

Azazel is mentioned nowhere else in the Bible save for this one chapter, but it seems quite likely that it is the name of a demon thought of as dwelling in the wilderness. It might be pictured as an evil spirit that is the source of sin. In sending the second goat into the wilderness, the sins that it carries could be viewed as returning to their source. 

Later legends elaborated on Azazel. He was supposed to be one of the fallen angels, exiled from Heaven because he would not accept newly created man as superior. An alternative suggestion involves a rather obscure passage in the Book of Genesis:

Genesis 6:2.... the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose. 

Genesis 6:4.... and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. 

This remnant of primitive mythology, lingering on in the Bible was interpreted literally by the later Jews. They thought the angels, deliberately rebelling against God, chose to corrupt themselves with mankind out of lust for women and that this act helped bring on the Flood. Some versions of this legend made, Azazel the chief of these angels. 


A special festival is mentioned in Leviticus, which seems to have been a priestly ideal that was never put thoroughly into practice: 

Leviticus 25:8 And thou shalt number.... seven times seven years....

Leviticus 25:9 Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubile to the day of atonement....

Leviticus 25:10 And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year.....

The land was to remain fallow during the year; land which had been leased out was to be restored to the original owners; slaves were to be freed. In a way, it was a method of starting things fresh every half century so as to prevent the accumulation of economic injustice. It was a beautiful idea, but impractical 

Nevertheless, the word "jubile" (usually spelled "jubilee" and derived from the Hebrew word for trumpet) has come to represent a fiftieth anniversary. 

About 100 B.C., a book was written by some unnamed Jew or Jews purporting to detail the primitive history of humanity. It modeled itself on Genesis but added a great many legendary details that had been built up since Genesis had reached its final form some three centuries before. It includes much detail concerning angels, for instance, and traces late customs back to the earliest times, Because it gives the history in a series of chapters, each dealing with a fifty-year period, it is called the "Book of Jubilees".  

I found this book by Asimov published in 1988..... in which Azazel teaches mankind physics, beautiology, economics and all sorts of other skills. 

Azazel is known as "The Deviant" and it is certainly well known by practitioners of magic....

Azazel the X-Men











Azazel in Rap Music

Azazel in Movies 


Azazel in Video Games 

Who is Azazel? The "Scapegoat" who loved humanity enough to teach it witchcraft? 

Which craft will you pick? Engineering? Botanist? Writing? Art? Teaching? Metallurgy? Gene-Editing? Physics? Economics? Time-Traveling Central Intelligence Officer? That is how an individual becomes a "Free-Mason"....

MA- Mother/Mater/Matter, the mother of all demons is matter, (the number of a man, 666 carbon matter, 6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons), the only reason anything matters at all, is because you are wearing matter. You are a child of matter. Be free child of matter, by leaving this debt slavery system behind. Jump into the lake of fire with me, into the bottomless pit of science and find solutions. 

Love Always,

The Deviant

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